Seasonless Fashion [Infographic]

Seasonless Fashion [Infographic]
April 20, 2016 Yudofsky
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Fur has long been the face of glamour, elegance, and femininity



  • Fur’s Fashion Statement: Classy and Timeless
  • Golden Age of Hollywood revealed the world’s most famous beauties donning fur wraps and stoles on and off the silver screen


    • 1920s-1930s
      • As women gained equality, fashion evolved from stiff, formal wear to styles centered around comfort and personal choice
    • 1950s: Post WWII
      • Fur epitomised a dream of glamour, the height of fashion, and was the ultimate desire of almost every woman


Fashion is ever evolving, but fur will always fit in from season to season



  • A Touch of Glamour in Every Season



Advanced techniques for shaving, shearing, and dying, allow fur to be lightweight and versatile—so it’s truly become a seasonless fabric!


    • Spring
      • Pastel color pop
        • Pastel green, pale yellow, and soft pink shades
      • Versatility for warmer days with chilly nights
        • Light scarves, stoles, vests, and cropped jackets can be cozy and chic
    • Summer
      • Sheared and shaggy in the sun
        • Mixed fur and feather vests, ear poms, and bracelets can add flare without weighing you down
      • Decorative detail
        • Lightweight scarves draped around the shoulders can mimic a fab necklace


Keeping warm and staying feminine don’t have to clash!


    • Fall
      • Experiment and innovate
        • Bold, blending of materials creates interesting textures
      • Layer it on to usher in colder temps
        • Mid-thigh length jackets, ankle length dusters
    • Winter
      • Staying warm and stylish is practical and possible
        • Long, thick dusters and knee to ankle length oversized coats with drop shoulders, and fur trimmed boots
      • Wintery mix accessories
        • Thick stoles and scarves, handbags, fur trimmed hats/gloves, and earmuffs


From catwalks to the street, designers are using fur accents to give your everyday-go-tos and glam eveningwear added luxury



  • Modern Makeovers for Your Favorite Fur: It’s All in the Details!



From Derby hats to boots, you can revamp a classic fur coat to become the pieces of the perfect outfit


    • Spring hats
    • Poncho
    • Sandals


    • Fascinator
    • Stole
    • Footwear


    • Winter hat
    • Cape
    • Handbag
    • Skirt

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