Cleaning, Glazing, Conditioning

The cleaning and care of your fur and leather garments requires a professional extensive knowledge of the needs of the leather to maintain the quality of the first day.

We clean all types of fur including chinchilla, fox, lamb, mink, rabbit, sable, etc. We also take care of your suede, nappa and double face garments. Bring your leather or leather goods to our store for a professional cleaning and care that your leather or leather garment needs.

Professional fur and leather cleaning is an essential process for the health of your fur garment. When you touch your skin, you should feel a soft, smooth texture, this shows that the skins of your fur are healthy, however the use or the passage of time exposes them to small harmful particles. These particles, such as dust, dirt or even salt, remove the natural oils from your skin, key to achieving an extraordinary softness of the coat.

Cleaning and conditioning the skins removes existing particles from the skins which makes your garment look like new again.

Fur experts recommend taking your fur to experienced furriers only, with the proper training and equipment. Your daily dry cleaner is a suitable option for pants or dresses, but leather is a unique material. Regular dry cleaning products can dry out, stain, or damage your leather. Also, normal dry cleaning equipment can tear their fur.

Bring your furs, leather clothes or other fine garments to Yudofsky Fur & Leather for an inspection and to schedule your expert cleaning of your fur garment.