The History of Gloves

The History of Gloves


Fun fact: according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word “glove” comes from the Middle English word “glōf”. Also, there is great speculation as to who actually invented the glove. They have been worn for centuries, dating back to when the Egyptian pyramids were being built, and they have served several different purposes since.


In the beginning, gloves were invented out of necessity as they were needed for a specific function. This means gloves have been used for hunting, eating, dancing, and more (and it was expected that the gloves would be changed to fit the activity – a man going hunting in the morning was expected to change his gloves when he went to eat dinner). Going back the time of the pyramids, ancient Egyptian women would wear gloves to protect their hands and keep them soft.


Throughout the years, the styles have altered the function of gloves. Nowadays, gloves serve a purpose for warmth and driving, as well as an item that is aesthetically pleasing. Even though you rarely see women or men wearing gloves outside of these necessities (we really should bring the trend of wearing them specifically for fashion), gloves are still a staple at nearly every fashion show, such as the Versace and Prada fashion shows.

Today’s Styles

The styles of today are shying away from the long gloves, and gearing towards shorter looks, which brings us to the gloves Yudofsky Fur and Leather is featuring. These beauties are all hand made with the finest leather in many different colors and styles.

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