The 6 Most Asked Questions About Fur Storage

The 6 Most Asked Questions About Fur Storage

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding storage, cleaning, and repairs.

Why should I store my fur in a cold storage vault?

The quick and simple answer is this: keeping your furs in a vault at a constant 50° and at a humidity level of 50% will keep your furs in great shape. Fur is an organic material that needs to be well taken care of or you run the risk of it being ruined beyond repair. We assure you that our vault is kept at a constant 50° with 50% humidity, so your furs will be in good hands.

Can I just store my fur at home in a closet for the summer?

This is HIGHLY recommended against. If you choose to keep your furs at home, you run the risk of allowing bugs (moths especially) to eat your fur, damaging it completely. Another issue with storing your furs at home is the temperature. (Surly, you don’t want to keep your home at a constant 50° all summer long. That would cost a fortune!)  You also can’t control the humidity levels in your house well enough to regulate it to 50%. Smells in your home can easily latch on to your garments as well; i.e. cedar chests have a very unique smell, if you choose to store your garments in one, you run the risk of your pieces constantly smelling like your cedar chest.

Why is humidity such a big deal with my fur?

Furs need to be in a vault with regulated humidity because if the humidity is too low, resulting in dry air, the natural oils in the pelt evaporate rapidly. This results in your garment becoming dry and making it easier for the piece to deteriorate. If the humidity is too high, resulting in damp air, your piece will be prone to rotting. Neither of these outcomes is desired in fur garments (especially after you pay a significant amount for each piece).

Where is Yudofsky Fur and Leather’s cold storage vault?

Our vault is on-site. We absolutely love to give tours so you know exactly where your fur will be stored. We also do our cleaning on site as well and would love to show you where this takes place.

Why should I clean my coat?

The simple answer is: it’s a conditioning process. It’s like when you put lotion on after a shower, to prevent dryness. If you never clean your coat, you will be lucky to have it completely in tact for more than a few years. We recommend cleaning your garments every year. If you choose to opt out of this, we HIGHLY recommend going no longer than one year in between cleanings.

We want you to be able to enjoy your garments for decades. The only way to achieve this is to truly take care of your pieces.

Should I bother with fixing a small rip on my piece?

YES! When you bring your garment to us, we will check it over thoroughly. We will look for any discoloration, rips, or loose seems (as well as anything left in your pockets so we can promptly return any items we find). If you have just a small rip, it is very important to fix it right away. If you choose to wait, you run the risk of allowing the rip to grow. The bigger the rip, the more expensive the repair.

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