The Renew Project - Repurpose Reuse Your Old Fur

Did you know there are many ways to recycle old furs? If you have a sentimental piece, it is possible to turn it into something completely new. For example, say your grandmother had an old mink, floor length coat that was in decent condition. You could have that piece turned into a teddy bear for your child. This way, the memory is alive forever.

For more ideas on what to do with any older furs, such as teddy bears, accessories, and more, please visit our Pinterest.

We also offer restylings by appointment, where we can turn an old piece into a new vest, coat, etc.

Call (502) 425-2121 to make your restyling appointment today!

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Take care of your furs and leathers

As connoisseurs of the needs of our clients for the care and conservation of these beloved garments, we offer an end-to-end service that includes the cleaning, storage, and conservation of fur & leather garments.

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