Four Celebrities Who Absolutely Love Fur

Four Celebrities Who Absolutely Love Fur

Current and past celebrities have shown their love of fur in many ways. Two of the most popular examples of this are Rihanna and Elena Perminova. Each has her own unique style that allows her to stand apart from the rest of the celebrities.

Fur Sandals?

Rihanna has had quite a buzz lately with her collaboration with Puma. She has come out with a line of fur lined sandals that come in many different colors. (By the way, have you seen these? They’re kind of intense, but can you imagine how amazing they would feel on your feet? It would be like walking on clouds – warm, furry clouds.)

Along with these sandals, we can’t forget Rihanna’s G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S Met Gala dress from 2015. She looked like a queen in her dress made by Guo Pei. (Have you ever added a fur accent to a dress? It can turn anything into something fancy with just a little bit of fox. You can always go all out like Rihanna, or you could go simple with some black fox cuffs to an otherwise bland dress. If you’re curious as to how you can spice up an outfit, come by our store, or make an appointment with our head furrier.)

A Modern Cinderella…

An up and coming fashion model is Elena Perminova. Now, you may or may not know her story. According to Harper’s Bazaar, “When a bad-news (and much older) boyfriend came along, she found herself unwillingly dealing Ecstasy in Russian discos at age 16. She was soon arrested and sentenced to six years in prison.” It wasn’t until her father pleaded her case to Alexander Lebedev that Perminova was rescued from the prison. During this time, she became close to Lebedev, and is now his long term companion and mother of their two children. (Click here to find out more information on her story).

Now that you know her story, have you paid much attention to her fashion style? It is amazing! She can show how a simple piece of fur can enhance any outfit, whether it is spring, fall, or winter. We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves (Let us know what you think about her style in the comments!).

Fashion Icons

Equally as important (sometimes considered more important, to be honest), are two iconic women. The two women who wore (and currently wear) the most amazing pieces will always be the Queen of England and Audrey Hepburn. Both of these women had (and currently have – the Queen) a wondrous sense of style that prove to still be popular today.

The Royal Family has incorporated fur into their fashions for centuries (Even Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge – Kate Middleton – have been photographed wearing fur). The Queen has been photographed most of her life and, in many of these photographs, she wears fur.

Audrey Hepburn was a fashion icon throughout her lifetime, especially after her acting career took off (Did you know she was a philanthropist after her acting career? Even during her time in the spotlight, she worked to raise money for those less fortunate). Audrey is remembered for many things, whether it is her quotes, her style, or her performances, but she was forever classy with her sense of style. She truly was an elegant woman.

Fur is always elegant and classy, but it can be fun and up on current style trends as well. There are many ways to wear fur, as show by these four lovely ladies.


Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

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