Guide to Buying Fur

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Fur has become an essential element in today’s wardrobe. You will find it in every major fashion magazine… luxurious, lean sable coats, elegant fur-trimmed suits, radiant fox stoles, casual mink sweatshirts and pullovers, short chic fur jackets — even fur trims on spring dresses! More designers are including fur in their collections than ever before.

Once you’ve decided to add fur to your wardrobe, how do you go about selecting just the right one? After all, choosing a fur is very different from choosing a new purse or a pair of shoes. Each fur is individually hand-crafted and uniquely designed by highly skilled craftsmen. This booklet is designed to provide clear information to guide you in finding and caring for the perfect fur for you.

What to Look For

With today’s wide variety of fur fashion, your choices are endless. So give some thought to your purchase: How will you wear your fur? Will you spend time in blue jeans and a funky knitted fur or a leather jacket lined in sheared beaver? Will you dress for an elegant night on the town in a classic mink coat? Or will a touch of fur add sophistication to your work wardrobe, with, for example, an understated fur collar on a classic wool suit? Once you decide which fur best fits your lifestyle, it’s time to start looking.