An In Depth Look at Sable Fur

An In Depth Look at Sable Fur
December 2, 2016 Yudofsky
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Welcome back to our final in depth look at fur. Today’s focus will be on one of our favorite types of fur: sable.


Sable is part of the marten family and is considered the finest, most luxurious and expensive martens you can buy.

The best, quality sables come from Russia, but there is also Canadian sables.

Originally, the finest and by far the most expensive sable, Barguzin sable, was reserved for the czar of Russia and his family. This is why it is called crown or imperial sable.

General Traits

Prime sable is deeply furred with even, silvery-tipped guard hairs, making it silkier than mink. The color is a rich brown with a blue cast. Golden sable, which is a reddish or amber color, is less expensive. All sable, nevertheless, is very expensive – but as warm and light in weight as it is heavy in price.

Russian Sable

Russian sable is brown with a silver cast. They are long haired furs and lightweight, making it one of the most expensive types of fur. You can find this sable at the price of $15,000 and up.

Canadian Sable

Canadian golden sable comes in amber tones. It is less expensive than the Russian sable, but it is equally as stunning. Typically you can find this type of sable from $10,000-$15,000.

Our Take

Sable is one of the best furs you can buy. Although it is an expensive fur and can be very fragile, it will last for many years if properly taken care of.