An In Depth Look at Mink Fur

An In Depth Look at Mink Fur
November 18, 2016 Yudofsky
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Today, our focus is on mink. Mink is considered to be one of the best fur types out there, mainly because it is considered the coat for many men and women for a number of reasons.


When it comes to mink, everything part of the skin used. This allows for a variety of different styles to be created. It is a very durable fur that can last for many years depending on the level of care taken with the garment. Mink can be either dyed high fashion colors or used naturally.

There are three types of mink that are most commonly sold in the fur industry.

  • Natural ranch mink: The guard hairs should be silky and even in length, while the underfur (puck) should be dense and compact and paler in color. The mink should have a naturally lustrous sheen and the leather side is cream color.
  • Dyed  mink: Again, the guard hairs should be silky and even in length. The color should be clear and uniform. The price depends on the availability – and popularity – of colors.
  • Pieced mink: A coat may be made, wholly or partially, of paws, gills, and tails. It may also contain other pieces of mink. If the coat is patterned, such as to give a chevron effect, look for evenness of pattern and texture throughout the coat. A good pieced mink coat should be reinforced on the leather side with nylon or ribbon at points of wear. Pieced mink coats can be very attractive, and they are much less expensive than natural mink coats that are let out or skin-on-skin.


Like any other fur, mink should be well taken care of. This means having it cleaned and stored annually. It is also important to have any rips or holes repaired as soon as discovered to prevent more damage.