An In Depth Look at Fox Fur

An In Depth Look at Fox Fur
October 28, 2016 Yudofsky
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One of the most versatile furs is fox. It comes in a wide range of natural colors that can also be dyed high-fashion colors. Among the different colors of natural fox are blue, cross, gray, kitt, platina, red, silver, and white.

Colors In Depth

Blue Fox: This particular natural fox is ranched extensively in Scandinavia. This colored fur can range from white to cream with dark gray to black tips.

Cross Fox: This colored fox is typically red with golden tints, and also has black tips. It is characterized by a distinctive cross-like patch of fur across the topside of the fox. This cross is typically deeper in color and may have red mixed with black coloring. There is also a silver cross fox that is silver in coloring.

Gray Fox: This type of fox is silver gray with a slight red tinge. It commonly comes from American, with the best pelts coming from the northern states.

Kitt Fox (also known as corsac): Kitt foxes are gray and come from North America. Corsac, which comes from Siberia and other places in the former Soviet Union, is also gray. This particular type of fox has little guard hair. This hair is yellow with white tips. The fur itself tends to be short and soft.

Platina Fox: This fox originally comes from Norway. It is more of a platinum color than a simple silver. The whiteness may also be enhanced by slight bleaching.

Red Fox: As you may have guessed by the name, this fox is red. It is deeply furred with a silky, strong texture. Some of the best red foxes come from Canada or Northern United States.

Silver Fox: This fur is dark gray/black in color and has a white tips. The best type of natural silver fox is a black to dark brown with white tips.

White Fox: White fox is characterized by an extremely thick underfur (puck). There may be a slight blue shade along the back of the pelt (this is called the grotzen). Even though it is less wearable than some of the common fox furs, it is considered the ultimate glamour due to the color.

More Information

Many fox pelts come from Scandinavia and other European countries, along with the northern United States. Fox needs regular cleaning, like any fur, in order to keep the skins soft and the fur fluffy.

The important thing to look for is the clarity of color and the fullness and density of the underfur (puck) and the soft sleekness of the guard hairs.