An In Depth Look at Chinchilla Fur

An In Depth Look at Chinchilla Fur
October 14, 2016 Yudofsky
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Welcome Back!

Welcome back to our continued series on fur information! Last week, we focused on beaver fur. This week, our focus is on the luxurious chinchilla fur.

Chinchilla Fur

It’s well known that chinchilla fur is among the most expensive furs you can buy. This is due to the quality. The fur is soft, silky, and dense. Along with this, the fur is extremely warm, but it is also one of the lightest furs on the market.

Natural chinchilla is often identified by a bluish, pearl, or silvery gray upper coat. The tips on the hairs are black with a dark underfur, and a yellowish-white underbelly. While natural chinchilla is stunning by itself, it can also be dyed many different colors.

The wonderful thing about chinchilla is how it can compliment any type of garment. Chinchilla is often used as trim on other pieces (think lamb, cashmere, etc.) because it enhances the other material. If you want absolute luxury though, you can splurge on a full chinchilla piece or blanket.

This type of fur is fragile and needs a great deal of care. It is important you have your chinchilla pieces stored and cleaned EVERY year by a professional furrier. If you choose not to do this, you are drastically cutting the life of your piece. At Yudofsky Fur and Leather, we offer cleaning and conditioning, and storage in our cold storage vault in house, as well as repairs.

More Information

For more information on chinchilla fur, visit Fur Commissions USA.